Material Control (Sample Project)

Project Description

A construction material control application that includes inventory, allocation, purchase orders, bill of materials. This project demonstrate the use of the following frameworks and/or technologies:

1. ASP.NET Core Web Application – Web API, ASP.NET MVC, Razor views used in the layout, ASP.NET Core Identity for authentication

2. JSON Web Token to secure the Web API access

3. Angular – Main UI framework. Once the layout views has been loaded. Angular will take over. Making this a full Single Page Application. The project uses modular structure for each features.

4. Angular Material – Layout and theming

5. ag-Grid – Data grid. Quick filtering. On-the-grid editing (excel-like) or using dialog window. Column filtering. Pagination.

Note that the GitHub source is a snapshot of the early development of this project to protect intellectual property. A more complete version exists privately.