How to Use SyncTimer

SyncTimer (Synchronized Timer) is a free app that works on any browser, desktop or mobile. It has two types of users:

  1. Timekeeper
  2. Observer (the speaker or anyone with a valid Timer Key)


The timekeeper is the one who created the Timer Set (a set of timers). The timekeeper is responsible for starting and stopping each timer. The timekeeper needs to be logged in to be able to create and control timers.

Observer (e.g., presenter, speaker)

The observer does not need to be logged in but must have access to a valid Timer Set key provided by the timekeeper. When the timekeeper starts a timer, the observer’s screen will automatically show the countdown timer. When the timekeeper stops a timer, the active timer will disappear from the observer’s screen and will go back to showing all timers in the Timer Set. However, the duration of the recently active timer will be displayed.

Important points

  • There will be a maximum delay of 3 seconds when the timekeeper starts/stops the timer before it gets displayed to the observer’s screen.
  • The timer on the timekeeper and observer’s screen has a maximum lag of 1 second.
  • There should be no limit to the number of observers for each timer set at this time.
  • A timekeeper can also act as an observer to another Timer Set.
  • If the observer is using a mobile browser and switched to a different app, the browser needs to be refreshed in order to work again. This is due to the mobile device trying to save battery by disabling background apps to keep on refreshing.

To start using SyncTimer, login or register for free here:

To see it in action, checkout the demo Timer Set below. It will just keep on counting down until I reset or stop it. Open the same link on your friend’s device or on another browser and you will see a countdown timer for both devices running synchronously.

Please refer to the video (in Tagalog) below for the full tutorial on how to use SyncTimer.

How to Use SyncTimer

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